Si5351A Breakout Board Crowdfunding Campaign

If you’re into home-brewing, here’s something you’ll want to take a look at and consider supporting. I’ve learned a good bit following Jason on Twitter and believe this campaign is worth supporting.

Open source amateur radio company Etherkit has just announced its crowdfunding campaign for a new Si5351A Breakout Board kit. The Si5351A is a small and affordable clock generator IC with three independent, programmable outputs from 8 kHz to 160 MHz which can be used in amateur radio applications as a VFO or signal generator.


The Etherkit Si5351A Breakout Board makes it extremely easy to get a Si5351A IC working with an Arduino or other microcontroller/development board with I2C capability. The three outputs are provided by 0.1 inch headers and optional SMA female end launch connectors. A 3.3 VDC low-dropout voltage regulator and I2C level conversion circuitry allow you to use the Breakout Board with either 3.3 V or 5 V microcontrollers.

With the Si5351A Breakout Board, an Arduino device, and the provided Arduino library, you can be generating RF from LF to VHF in a few minutes. Multiple outputs make it easy to provide both a VFO and BFO to your superhet transceiver project. The wide frequency range allows it to be used in general coverage receivers or antenna analzyers. Precision tuning and high temperature stability (with optional TCXO reference oscillator) provide an excellent base for very narrow band modes such as WSPR or QRSS.

Support our campaign and order your own affordable kit by visiting:

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