Military Exercise at Hunter AAF; 21 January 2015

Savannah – For the last week, there have been reports in the local media about an exercise at Hunter AAF. I’ve been in Brunswick for eight days with little radio time and for the last few days of that time my Mode-S receiver was offline, so I was out of the loop on it. Yesterday evening was my first opportunity to monitor the exercise and it sounded like it was fairly spread out involving not only Hunter AAF, but Lawson AAF at Fort Benning and Robins AFB in central Georgia. This exercise is special forces related, so I will be limiting this report to just air traffic control frequencies and Mode-S data.

ATC Frequencies
124.975/279.575 Hunter Tower
127.350/279.625 Marne Radio
120.400/353.775 Savannah Approach/Departure
125.300/371.875 Savannah Approach/Departure
118.400/307.225 Savannah Approach/Departure
269.025/127.575 Jax Center Waycross Low
282.200/124.675 Jax Center Jekyll Low
363.200/132.925 Jax Center Allendale/Savannah Low

COPE – KC-135
JUJU – MC-130
NORMA – C-17
SUSAN – AC-130

Mode-S Data
AE05BB – AC-130W, 88-1306, 27 SOW
AE4E1C – MC-130J, 11-5735, 27 SOW
AE29D1 – MC-130J, 08-6204, 27 SOW
AE12B8 – MC-130H, 88-0193, 1 SOW
AE1291 – MC-130H, 89-0281, 1 SOW
AE1290 – MC-130H, 87-0024, 1 SOW
AE20C4 – C-17A, 07-7183, 437/315 AW
AE20C2 – C-17A, 07-7181, 437/315 AW
AE20C3 – C-17A, 07-7182, 437/315 AW
AE54B3 – C-17A, 10-0223, 437/315 AW
AE1472 – C-17A, 07-7180, 437/315 AW
AE1D6B – P-3C, 161766, VP-26
AE0153 – KC-135R, 63-8002, 22 ARW

As you can see above, there is a good bit of geography covered by the exercise. Jax Center Savannah, Brunswick, and Waycross frequencies were heard in use.  The AC-130 and C-17s were heard returning to Lawson AAF after last night’s activity (and I assume the MC-130s did as well). The KC-135s (there were five of them but only one showed up on Mode-S) returned to Robins AFB after the night’s activity. There’s a good chance if you live in the areas of Hunter AAF, Robins AFB, or Ft. Benning or anywhere in between, you’ll be able to hear something from this exercise. If you listen out throughout the rest of the week, the callsign information likely won’t be of much use; usually they change callsigns nightly during these exercises.

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