Offshore W-Area Changes for Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina

Savannah – For the last several weeks, a number of us that monitor aviation in the coastal Georgia and Florida area have noticed a change in how aircraft checking in with SEALORD (US Navy FACSFAC Jacksonville) have referred to the special use area that military aircraft operate in off of the South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida coasts. Previously, they were referred to as W-157 and W-158, but more recently they have been referred to as W-137 and W-138. It turns out that there have been some changes made to the areas, including their designations (see map below).


For the most part, the changes that aviation monitoring enthusiasts are interested in will be the designation changes. What used to be W-157/158 are now W-136, W-137, W-138, W-139, and W-140.  At a glance, it appears the overall area has been broken up into smaller sections with the “columns” of airspace numbered 136-140 from west to east and the “rows” of airspace lettered A-G from north to south. So far, the frequencies for the area are the same; the primary frequencies of 120.950, 133.950, 267.500, and 284.500 have all been in use since the beginning of the year. The adjustment for the listener will be getting used to the new blocks of airspace and where they are relative to your location. The Alpha areas are roughly between Charleston and Savannah; the Bravo and Charlie areas run roughly between Savannah and Jacksonville, and the Delta, Echo, and Foxtrot areas roughly from Jacksonville to Daytona Beach. Hopefully the map above will help with that.

Note: all information above comes from open source material.

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