Sentry Savannah 2015 is Underway

Savannah – The Sentry Savannah exercise that has been in the news recently is underway in coastal Georgia. Aircraft are flying out of both the Savannah Combat Readiness Training Center (CRTC) at Savannah IAP and Hunter AAF. Based on local news reports and personal observation, aircraft and units involved so far are F-22s from the 43rd FS at Tyndall AFB, F-16s from the 113th Wing, DC Air National Guard, F-16s from the 148th FW, Minnesota Air National Guard, KC-135s from the 117th ARW, Alabama Air National Guard, and KC-135s from the 134th ARW, Tennessee Air National Guard. F-16s and F-22s are flying out of the CRTC and KC-135s are flying out of Hunter AAF for tanker support. Local units have also been participating in the exercise. The 117th ACW, Georgia Air National Guard has been providing control and F-15s from the 125th FW, Florida Air National Guard have been flying in the exercise. Based on news reports it sounds like F-16s from the 169th FW, South Carolina Air National Guard and F/A-18s from MCAS Beaufort could participate at some point as well. They’ve been utilizing the offshore special use areas and Townsend Range for training ops.

It also looks like Sentry Savannah could be more than an annual exercise. According to the WTOC’s report, there are plans to hold the exercise three times a year.

Below is a list for any radio enthusiasts or spotters who may be trying to follow the exercise. If you hear anything worth adding, please let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

119.100/257.800 Savannah IAP Tower
120.400/353.775 Savannah Approach/Departure
125.300/371.875 Savannah Approach/Departure
118.400/307.225 Savannah Approach/Departure
138.625 CRTC CP; SENATE (113 Wing), DOGPOUND (148 FW)
293.300 CRTC; 43rd FS air-to-air
328.500 CRTC; 43rd FS air-to-air
363.900 CRTC; 43rd FS air-to-air
379.800 CRTC; 43rd FS air-to-air
256.750 43rd FS air-to-air
143.150 113th Wing air-to-air
143.600 113th Wing air-to-air
141.150 148th FW air-to-air
298.300 148th FW air-to-air

124.975/279.575 Hunter AAF Tower
126.200/285.425 Hunter AAF Base Ops
351.000 Tanker Coordination

251.250 125th FW CP
234.800 125th FW Aux 5
253.700 125th FW Aux 6
314.200 125th FW Aux 7

283.400 VMFA-122 Tac 1

120.950/284.500 Sealord North Primary
133.950/267.500 Sealord South Primary
376.900 W-137/138 Discrete

296.300 NORAD Discrete; GCI
316.300 NORAD Discrete; GCI
288.400 NORAD Discrete; Aerial Refueling
265.400 NORAD Discrete; Aerial Refueling
278.000 Aerial Refueling
320.600 Aerial Refueling

228.400 Townsend Range

139.4125 CRTC; Support (NAC 293)
149.4875 CRTC; Support (NAC 293)
149.5875 CRTC; Support (NAC 293)
149.7125 CRTC; Support (NAC 293)

DEMON (F-22, 43rd FS)
ROCKET (F-22, 43rd FS)
STINGER (F-22, 43rd FS)
PULSAR (F-22?)

43rd FS F-22A
43rd FS F-22A

BULLY (F-16C, 113th Wing)
GUNNY (F-16C, 113th Wing)
SCARY (F-16C, 113th Wing)
WILD (F-16C, 113th Wing)
RAVAGE (F-16C, 113th Wing)

113th Wing, DC ANG F-16C
113th Wing, DC ANG F-16C

GUNDOG (F-16C, 148th FW)
LAKER (F-16C, 148th FW)
WOLF (F-16C, 148th FW)

148th FW, MN ANG F-16C
148th FW, MN ANG F-16DM

FRAG (T-38?)

BAT (KC-135, 185th ARW)
DIXIE (KC-135, 117th ARW)
SODA (KC-135, 134th ARW)


NIKEL (F/A-18A+, VMFA-122)

Tail Numbers
02-4039, F-22A, 43rd FS

87-0292, F-16C, 113th Wing
87-0328, F-16C, 113th Wing

90-0846, F-16DM, 149th FW
91-0405, F-16CM, 148th FW
91-0408, F-16CM, 148th FW
91-0409, F-16CM, 148th FW
91-0414, F-16CM, 148th FW
91-0421, F-16CM, 148th FW

57-1453, KC-135R, 117th ARW
58-0073, KC-135R, 117th ARW
57-1436, KC-135R, 134th ARW
59-1517, KC-135R, 134th ARW
58-0057, KC-135R, 185th ARW

As the exercise continues, I’ll try to post some more updates. I’ll be in Brunswick throughout most of the exercise, so the updates may not be as frequent as last year but this list will definitely be a good starting point.


WJCL/WTGS – Skies to be ‘filled’ during south Ga. military flight exercise

WTOC – Savannah’s combat readiness training center hosts first ‘Sentry Savannah’

Savannah Morning News – Fighter jets, other aircraft descend on Savannah for training

WSAV – Noisy Skies Coming to Savannah: Air Combat Center Begins Training

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