Miscellaneous MilAir Notes

Recent monitoring and questions from other hobbyists have led to information I thought would be worth passing on. None of them are quite big enough to do a single post on them, so I’ve combined them into this update.


VMFAT-501, the F-35B training squadron at MCAS Beaufort is getting busier all the time. This week, it’s been particularly interesting to listen to them as they’ve done air combat maneuvering training off of the coast, close air support training at Townsend Range, and worked with F-16s from Shaw AFB in the Bulldog MOA. The increased activity has led to the discovery of these unit frequencies:

  • 299.275 – VMFAT-501 Base
  • 315.300 – VMFAT-501 Tac
  • 319.500 – VMFAT-501 Tac

So far, they’ve been using SWEDE 1#, 2#, and 3# callsigns in morning and afternoon sorties with an occasional nighttime sortie as well. I wasn’t in the area to hear it, but The Aviationist reports that VMFAT-501 has been doing aerial refueling operations and shares a YouTube B-roll video of them refueling with KC-130Js. (I would have loved to have heard this!)

224th MI Bn

I was asked the other day about 224th MI Bn RC-12s. Truth be told, I haven’t heard any RC-12s flying out of Hunter in months. The only 224th MI Bn activity I’ve heard are two MC-12Ws, which the units seems to be transitioning or seem to have transitioned to (Mode-S and tail numbers below):

  1. AE4C61 – MC-12W, 10-0739, B/224 MI Bn
  2. AE4C62 – MC-12W, 10-0742, B/224 MI Bn
SUNNY 22 (MC-12W, 10-0739) on final to Hunter AAF

SUNNY 22 (MC-12W, 10-0739) on final to Hunter AAF

Townsend Range (R-3007)/Coastal MOA

This week, I’ve been hearing aircraft from various bases and units working with a JTAC using the callsign AGRESSOR at Townsend Range and in addition to the normal Range/MOA frequencies, some aircraft have been pushed to 226.975 to work with the JTAC. I previously heard 226.975 used on a few occasions in 2007 and 2010, but not extensively. I’m not sure if this is a Range Control frequency or a MOA discrete, but it definitely seems to be worth programming in.

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