Apologies for the Lack of Amateur Radio Content

My amateur radio readers will have noticed a lack of amateur radio posts in recent months. I explained why on Twitter awhile back, but I want to offer an explanation here on the blog as well. I apologize for the lack of amateur radio content and assure you that at some point, it will return.

My job also involves radio and radio related issues have been creating a lot of stress. The result of that stress is a reduction in the urge to get on the radio; when I’m off of work, I simply haven’t wanted to get on the radio as a hobby. Sometimes the last thing I want to see is a radio. It has even cut in to the amount of time I’ve spent on scanning and listening, which is my first love in the radio hobby. Aviation and Military Aviation is different from what I deal with at work, so listening to them has kept me anything close to active in the radio hobby.

These things too shall pass and as the work situation gets better, the hobby radio situation will get better. Rest assured that I have not abandoned the amateur radio hobby – I will be back and there will be amateur radio content in the future.

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