Atlanta Monitoring; 21 May 2015

Atlanta – On Friday, I was in Atlanta for a few hours and had the chance to do a bit of scanning while I was there. I didn’t have time to do any searching and just listened to Fire/Rescue communications on some of the public safety trunked repeater systems. The trip included the morning rush hour so there was plenty to listen to, including a response to a crash involving a tractor trailer on I-285 that created quite a bit of traffic problems.

Here’s what the BCD436HP recorded/logged (talkgroup IDs from the Radio Reference website):

Atlanta P25 TRS
TG 19377 – East Point FD Dispatch
TG 19406 – College Park FD Dispatch
TG 19450 – Atlanta Streetcars
TG 19567 – Hartsfield-Jackson IAP FAA Crash
TG 19614 – Hartsfield-Jackson IAP Atlanta FD Dispatch
TG 19631 – Atlanta FD Tac 3
TG 19632 – Atlanta FD Tac 2
TG 19654 – Atlanta FD Med 1
TG 19657 – Atlanta FD Dispatch

DeKalb P25 TRS
TG 6121 – DeKalb Co FD Dispatch
TG 6122 – DeKalb Co Ops
TG 6296 – Emory Hospital Midtown Public Safety Dispatch
TG 6303 – Emory Hospital Environmental Services
TG 6319

Fulton Co TRS
TG 44816
TG 47152 – Fulton Co FD Dispatch
TG 47184 – Fulton Co FD Tac 1
TG 47248 – Chattahoochee River Communications Fire Tac 2
TG 49104 – Chattahoochee River Communications Fire Dispatch

TG 2416 – N/S Trains
TG 2448 – E/W Trains
TG 2480 – Yard Amor
TG 2512 – Yard South
TG 2544 – Yard Avon
TG 2576 – Rail Maintenance
TG 2608 – Rail Agents

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