2015 24 Hours of Le Mans – 4 Hours In

So far it’s been a great race. The race in all four classes has been tight but I’ve particularly enjoyed the the LMP1 and GTE-Pro fights. The race has been slowed by a Safety Car period twice for 20-something minutes each time; the first was due to a Porsche 911 catching fire and the second for a crash by the #8 Audi R-18 and another Porsche 911 catching fire during the Safety Car period. That’s right – two Porsche 911 fires – which makes three for the weekend when you include the one that caught on fire during the final qualifying session. If I was a team running a 911 I’d probably start to get worried; that kind of unreliability is unusual for the Porsches.

I was expecting the Porsche 919s to be a bit faster than they have been compared to the Audi R-18s. The Audis have stayed fairly close and have been able to hold second and lead occasionally. The 919s still seem to be faster overall, but I continue to think that worn out hybrid system batteries could come into play during the late stages of the race.

As I finish writing this, the GTE-Pro race is side by side for P1 and P2 and P3 and P4 in class. What a terrific race!

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