Amateur Radio Calendar Updated For July 2015

I’ve updated my amateur radio calendar for the month of July (I know it’s been awhile but the fact that I’ve done this may indicate I’m beginning to come out of my work induced amateur radio doldrums); it contains special event stations of interest to me (mostly history, aviation, or military related – but really anything that catches my interest as I look through the listings) as well as major contests. I’ve found that trying to show every special event station and contest simply clogs up the calendar. If you have a special event station you’d like me to add to the calendar, I’d be glad to do it, just leave the information in the comments section below. (If you’re viewing the calendar before it rolls over to July, just use the arrow buttons to move forward a month)

This calendar also appears on the Amateur Radio page of this blog. I’ve moved it’s location on the page to make it easier to find; it is now closer to the top of the page on top of the area repeater information.


Categories: Amateur Radio, Contest, Special Event Station

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