Road Trip Report and Changes to the Robins AFB TRS – Warner Robins, 5 October 2015

Yesterday, I took a trip to Warner Robins to visit the the Museum of Aviation at Robins AFB. Along the way and while in Warner Robins, I did some scanning and monitoring of public safety and military/military aviation communications. As far as public safety monitoring goes, there was nothing out of the ordinary going on and I didn’t notice anything different from the last time I traveled up I-16 to Central Georgia. On the military monitoring front, however, things were a bit interesting. Once I got within listening range of Robins AFB, I noticed I wasn’t hearing anything from the base’s 400 MHz TRS; once I got to the museum I still wasn’t hearing anything and eventually discovered that the system has undergone a change. NASA 928 (WB-57), which has been at Robins AFB for hurricane research operations, was still at Robins yesterday morning and left between 1030 and 1100 local on a research mission to Hurricane Joaquin.

When I was in Warner Robins and Macon in January of this year, the Robins TRS was Motorola Type II system with System ID 542E and one site, 0-001. After putting the gear in search mode this morning, I found out that it is now a Motorola P25 system with System ID 0157 and one site, 1-015. It appears that the same frequencies are in use, with traffic heard on 406.3625 (Control Channel), 406.7625, 407.9625, 408.1625, 409.1625, and 409.3625.  While visiting the museum, I left the BCD436HP in search and store in the car and logged the following talkgroup IDs:

TG 56046 – unknown
TG 56071 – ALC
TG 56075 – ALC
TG 56077 – ALC
TG 56079 – ALC
TG 56083 – ALC
TG 56085 – ALC
TG 56087 – ALC
TG 56088 – ALC
TG 56091 – ALC
TG 56101 – ALC
TG 56102 – ALC
TG 56121 – Crash/Fire or Base Ops
TG 56122 – Crash/Fire or Base Ops
TG 56141 – 166/461 ACW
TG 56166 – unknown
TG 56192 – unknown
TG 56193 – unknown

Due to the weather (rain/mist and low overcast) and the date (a Monday, when things typically aren’t that busy), it wasn’t a particularly active day for military aviation communications. I  heard the aforementioned NASA 928 and several Air Logistics Center test flights depart Robins AFB, but not much else. As always, civilian aviation frequencies were busy and the closer you get to Atlanta the busier they get.

Robins AFB
133.225 – Tower
257.975 – Tower
121.850 – Ground
275.800 – Ground
119.600 – Approach/Departure
124.200 – Approach/Departure
269.625 – Approach/Departure
279.600 – Approach/Departure
225.925 – ALC CP, ROGUE Ops/EAGLE Ops

ROGUE 01 (F-15, ALC)
ROGUE 30 (C-130, ALC)
ROGUE 33 (C-130, ALC)
NASA 928 (WB-57, N928NA, NASA)

Atlanta Center
119.375 – ZTL Macon High
120.425 – ZTL Georgia High
120.450 – ZTL Tiroe Low
121.350 – ZTL Logen Low
123.950 – ZTL Sinca Low
124.325 – ZTL Clark Hill Ultra High
124.375 – ZTL Lanier High
124.450 – ZTL East Departure Low
125.575 – ZTL LaGrange High
125.825 – ZTL Hampton Ultra High
126.425 – ZTL Dublin High
128.100 – ZTL Augusta Low
133.100 – ZTL Atlanta North Departure
134.500 – ZTL Atlanta South Departure
135.000 – ZTL Atlanta Workload
360.575 – ZTL Atlanta South Departure

Jacksonville Center
124.700 – ZJX Columbia Low
126.475 – ZJX Jekyll Low
126.750 – ZJK Brunswick Low
127.575 – ZJX Waycross Low
127.875 – ZJX Aiken High
132.425 – ZJX Hunter Ultra High
132.925 – ZJX Allendale/Savannah Low
133.300 – ZJX Moultrie Ultra High
135.975 – ZJX Alma High

Despite the weather and road construction on I-16, there weren’t any major travel problems or crashes and none of the Fire/EMS departments along the way seemed to be very busy. I only heard traffic from Houston County FD, Centerville FD, Perry FD, Warner Robins FD, Swainsboro FD (Emanuel County), and Laurens County FD.

Public Safety Conventional
155.880 (PL 173.8) – Swainsboro FD Dispatch (Emanuel County)
154.070 (PL 186.2) – Laurens County FD Dispatch

Houston/Peach TRS
TG 16 – Houston Co FD Dispatch
TG 61 – Warner Robins FD Dispatch
TG 91 – Centerville FD Dispatch
TG 121 – Perry FD Dispatch

Overall it wasn’t a bad trip. The museum visit was a great one; if you get the chance, check out my post about their new additions – a B-17G, P-51H, and MRAP. The change to the Robins AFB TRS was a nice find; I’ve always enjoyed figuring out and tracking new systems and I look forward to working on this one some more on my next trip up. As soon as I get the chance, I’ll put the info together and submit it to RadioReference.

6 thoughts on “Road Trip Report and Changes to the Robins AFB TRS – Warner Robins, 5 October 2015

  1. They still have not updated the Talk Group IDs on the RadioReference website. I live in Warner Robins, on the other side of town from the base, and while running some errands within range, I was picking up most of the TGIDs you have posted here and also a few extras so I figured that I could share the information I have found..

    TGID 56012 – possibly Maintenance?
    TGID 56080 – unknown
    TGID 56131 – Base Police?
    TGID 56132 – Base Police?
    TGID 56070 – possibly Security?
    TGID 56072 – unknown

    Again, these are the TGIDs that my scanner (Radio Shack Pro-106) picked up with a “wildcard” on the same frequencies that are currently posted on the RadioReference website.
    Also, just for more info, the TGIDs: 56141 and 56166 were Encrypted and the TGID 56192 was partially Encrypted (as in, I was only able to listen to one side of the conversation with the opposite side being encrypted) when I was receiving them.
    I’m not sure if this information would be useful to you or not, but maybe it will be to someone.

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention that while also in the area of RAFB, I ran a conventional frequency Limit Search and found a few frequencies, all coming from RAFB..

    407.9625 – P25 (150 NAC)
    408.1625 – P25 (150 NAC)
    409.1625 – P25 (150 NAC)
    409.3625 – P25 (150 NAC)

    I’m not sure what part of the base these frequencies are assigned to and they all have the same P25 NAC codes but I would like to assume that this information would help someone out.

    Not to mention, I’m 30 years old and have only been into Amateur Radio and “scanning” for the last 4 years.. so I have learned a good bit and have a pretty good understanding, so far, about radio but at the same time, I still have a LOT to learn.

    1. Scratch those conventional P25 frequencies.. after further research, I realized that they are just the voice channels from the P25 trunking system and aren’t controlled so one would probably receive random conversations if programmed.
      But I should add that the frequency 409.3625 is not listed on RadioReference as part of the RAFB trunking system so it may be worth adding to the list of trunking frequencies in that specific system because that frequency was picking up voice from RAFB.
      Again, I still have a LOT to learn so if anyone thinks that adding that frequency would not be beneficial, please chime in and let me know why.

  3. Hi John, thanks for the info! Sorry I didn’t get the comments approved earlier, but it was because I was out of town making a short visit to the museum at Robins AFB today. I left my BCD436HP on search mode while we were in the museum and it recorded some of what you have above. I don’t post law enforcement info on my blog, but I’ve heard both talkgroups on previous trips and I agree with your IDs on 56131 and 56132. 56070, 56072, and 56080 are the Air Logistics Center (ALC) at Robins AFB (which I lock out because they stay BUSY!). I hate to see that some of the traffic is encrypted; I don’t recall it being so (nor do my notes reflect it being so) when I was there in October 2015. I’ve got some notes from today that I have to put together so I’ll be posting a monitoring report from the trip sometime on Saturday.

    As for the frequency not listed on RadioReference, you don’t have to program it in if it’s not being used as a control channel, but I’d go ahead and program it in anyway. I program all frequencies for a trunked system in so that if it does use them as a control channel at some point, they’re already in there and I don’t have to add them later.

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