New Simplex EchoLink Node in Baxley, GA

Savannah – Dan Thornton, W4WDT has put up a simplex EchoLink node in Baxley, GA (Appling County, between Jesup and Hazelhurst on US 341/GA 27) using the old Jesup 2 Meter repeater pair. W4WDT-L is on line using 145.430- (PL 118.8) and Node # 905467. If you’re in the southeast Georgia area and had the Jesup repeater programmed in your radios, you’re already good to go for the RF side of the node. RF wise, the antenna for the node is only about 25ft up at this time, so there is limited coverage, but Dan reports that it covers all of Baxley and up to several miles north of town.

There are several hams that monitor the node regularly, so feel free to use the node from the RF side if you’re near Baxley or link in through the internet.

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