New 165th AW C-130s – Update 1

Savannah – Back on 8 December, I posted the first list of the 165th Airlift Wing’s new C-130s and promised updates as more arrived; here is the first of those updates. Based on last month’s monitoring and Mode-S logs, the fourth new C-130H arrived during December. Interestingly, all of them have AD#### Mode-S codes as opposed to the usual U.S. Military AE####, so that’s something to look for if you’re in the Savannah area and hunting for them on a Mode-S receiver. The four new aircraft are former Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) and Air National Guard (ANG) aircraft from Colorado, Illinois, and West Virginia:

  • 92-0548 – C-130H, former 182nd AW, IL ANG aircraft (Mode-S ADFE83)
  • 94-6705 – C-130H-3, former 130th AW, WV ANG aircraft (Mode-S ADFDEA)
  • 94-6708 – C-130H-3, former 130th AW, WV ANG aircraft (Mode-S ADFDED)
  • 94-7321 – C-130H-3, former  302nd AW, AFRC aircraft (Mode-S ADFEA1)

As far as the remaining FY 80 aircraft go, it looks like the remaining ones are:

  • 80-0320 (Mode-S AE05FF)
  • 80-0323 (Mode-S AE0602)
  • 80-0324 (Mode-S AE0603)
  • 80-0325 (Mode-S AE0604)

I’m fairly certain that 80-0322 departed from Savannah IAP for the last time as DAWG 35 on 7 December 2015, but I didn’t catch its destination. As the other four arrive and go into service with the 165th, I’ll post updates with the tail numbers and Mode-S codes. As always, any additional information is welcome – I’ll post corrections as necessary or include information in the next update.

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