Exercise at the Savannah Combat Readiness Training Center/Air Dominance Center?

Savannah – Yesterday, F-22As from the 43rd FS at Tyndall AFB, F-16s from the 114th FW, South Dakota ANG, KC-135s, and a C-130 arrived at the Savannah CRTC/Air Dominance Center and Hunter AAF. The F-22As arrived as HORNET, WASP, and STINGER flights in the morning and the F-16s arrived as LOBO, SPARK, and possibly TALON flights in the afternoon. Not too long after the F-22s arrived, POSSE 77 arrived at Savannah; it showed as 79-0477 on Mode-S and that tail number shows that it a Nevada ANG aircraft. The callsign, however, is indicative of it being a Montana ANG aircraft. Shortly after the South Dakota F-16s arrived at Savannah, COPPER 02 and COPPER 03, KC-135s from the 161st ARW, Arizona ANG arrived at Hunter AAF. These are likely associated with the aircraft at the CRTC; last year some of the tankers for Sentry Savannah exercises worked out of Hunter. Later in the evening, EDDIE 94, a 121st ARW, Ohio ANG KC-135 arrived at Savannah and departed after a quick turnaround; it checked in on 237.000, the CRTC Ops frequency prior to its arrival, so I’m guessing that it’s associated with the rest of the aircraft at the CRTC. Tail numbers from the arrivals are:

00-4012 – F-22A, 43rd FS
00-4016 – F-22A, 43rd FS
01-4019 – F-22A, 43rd FS
01-4025 – F-22A, 43rd FS
01-4027 – F-22A, 43rd FS
02-4029 – F-22A, 43rd FS
02-4030 – F-22A, 43rd FS
02-4035? – F-22A, 43rd FS
02-4036 – F-22A, 43rd FS
02-4040? – F-22A, 43rd FS
03-4042 – F-22A, 43rd FS
03-4043 – F-22A, 43rd FS

88-0428 – F-16CM, 114th FW
88-0471 – F-16CM, 114th FW
88-0474 – F-16CM, 114th FW
88-0485 – F-16CM, 114th FW
88-0492 – F-16CM, 114th FW
88-0512 – F-16CM, 114th FW
89-2064 – F-16CM, 114th FW
89-2086 – F-16CM, 114th FW
89-2105 – F-16CM, 114th FW
89-2125 – F-16CM, 114th FW
89-2174 – F-16CM, 114th FW

79-0477- C-130H, 120th AW or 152nd AW?

62-3516 – KC-135R, 161st ARW
63-8036 – KC-135R, 161st ARW
63-7993 – KC-135R, 121st ARW

The 43rd FS F-22s used 256.750 and 288.900 for air-to-air during the arrival. One of the SD ANG F-16 flights were using 139.700 for air-to-air, but I wasn’t able to find an air-to-air for the other flights because I was out mobile at the time. 237.000 and 138.625 were both in use for Ops at the CRTC.

All of this seems to point toward a Sentry Savannah exercise beginning in the not to distant future. It’s a bit earlier than the February start times the last couple of years, but we’ll keep an eye on the skies, an ear on the radios, and a watch on the news to see what pops up.

Sources:  Radio monitoring, Mode-S data, and spotter reports


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