The President and a Funeral – A Lost Opportunity

I rarely write about politics but I feel strongly about this, so I hope my readers will pardon this morning’s post.

Our country is ideologically divided to an extent that it probably hasn’t been since the late 60’s/early 70’s and it is only magnified by the election year posturing of both the Democrat and Republican presidential candidates. Very few politicians from either the left or right are interested in reaching a hand “across the aisle;” instead we’re left with zero-sum, scorched earth politics that are doing no one any good. Today offers the President of the United States an opportunity to lead by example and make a gesture of unity by attending the funeral of a Supreme Court Justice whose ideology he disagreed with. Instead, he has decided to send the Vice President, an act that will do nothing but fan the flames of discontent. Besides the fact that it would be a gesture of unity, it quite simply is the right thing to do. In not going, the President has forfeited any legitimate complaints he has against the right in regards to any partisan actions the right takes against his Supreme Court nominee. The petty behavior we’re about to see take place is more fitting of kindergartners than it is of adult elected officials, but we not only tolerate it, we encourage it. And for that, we deserve what we’re going to get.

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