Statesboro Amateur Radio Society 147.105+ Repeater Switches to Yaesu Fusion

Savannah – The Statesboro Amateur Radio Society has installed a new repeater for 147.105+ repeater located in Pembroke, GA. They have switched to a Yaesu Fusion repeater. It will be functioning as a dual mode repeater on 147.105+; you won’t have to purchase a Fusion capable radio or transmit anything special to use it because they have it set on Automatic Mode Select (AMS). The repeater will detect whether you are using it in analog FM or Fusion mode and operate accordingly. For those using analog FM only radios, you’ll hear some funny noise when it is operating in Fusion mode.

To be honest, I don’t know much about the Yaesu Fusion mode other than that it is another amateur radio proprietary digital voice mode along the lines of D-Star. Quite honestly, I don’t know why the manufacturers are all coming up with their own proprietary modes instead of working toward a common/open source mode (well of course I do, it’s called money…). I’ll pass along anything I happen to hear about how well it works on the digital side as I don’t have a Fusion capable radio and probably won’t be looking for one either.

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