Two F-16s from the 169th FW Crash Near Louisville, GA

Update – 9 June 2016:  The latest reports are that both pilots are out of the hospital and back home, so that’s great news! It’s good to hear that neither pilot apparently sustained any serious injuries. The last I heard, one of the two aircraft crash locations was located and it was in a heavily wooded area, not in a populated area. That’s also great news, so far there are no reports of anyone on the ground being injured.

Late last night, while getting ready to go back to Brunswick for the week, I saw two tweets from Combat Air come across reporting that two SC ANG F-16s crashed near Louisville, GA.  Normally while at home in Savannah I would have been listening to MilCom activity but since I was getting meals ready for the coming week I wasn’t around the radios. The F-16s would be from the 169th FW at McEntire JNGB and given the location of Louisville, they would have been working in the Bulldog MOA over eastern central Georgia.

A check of the Augusta, GA TV news and newspaper (Louisville is in their coverage area) revealed that the two aircraft collided over the Louisville area and both pilots ejected from their aircraft. Both pilots have been located and transported to a hospital where they are reported to be in stable condition. Neither pilot has been identified yet. The aircraft have not been located yet and a search for the crash sites will begin again in the morning. The public is asked not to approach and debris and notify authorities if they locate any debris or wreckage.

While I wasn’t around the radios at the time, I did see on the computer log of one I’d left running that 282.800 was active shortly around 2200, so there’s a possibility that frequency (a known SAR frequency) was in use after the crash.

The F-16s from the 169th FW “Swamp Foxes” are daily visitors to the Bulldog MOA and other coastal Georgia and South Carolina ranges and operating areas. It isn’t unusual to hear multiple flights make two training sorties per day mostly as MACE ## and VIPER ## flights. In a sense I’m glad I wasn’t around the radios to hear what happened and I hope that both pilots are well and no one on the ground was harmed.

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