Glynn County on the SEGARRN System – Update 2

Brunswick – As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Glynn County has switched from their analog trunked system to the SEGARRN regional trunked system. Other counties using this system are Bryan, Chatham, Effingham, and Liberty. Glynn County’s portion of the system consists of four simulcast sites utilizing 700 MHz and 800 MHz frequencies from two licenses. The 700 MHz frequencies are from WQQI739 and the 800 MHz frequencies are from WQXA315 (frequencies are listed below). The four sites cover different portions of the county with one in Brunswick, one on St. Simon’s Island, one off of US 341 in the northern portion of the county, and one off of US 82 in the western portion of the county.


So far, I’ve been able to identify eight talkgroups. For some time, Glynn County Public Works has been on the SEGARRN system with four talkgroups. I’m not sure of the actual talkgroup names, so I’ve listed them below as 1 through 4. Glynn County FD has been using two talkgroups on SEGARRN that correspond to their old F1 and F2 talkgroups on the Glynn County TRS. Brunswick FD has been heard on one talkgroup that corresponds with their old F1 talkgroup on the Glynn County TRS. I heard all three talkgroups being used before the switch for testing, but I wasn’t able to put firm ID’s on them until they put them in regular use. Glynn County Animal Control has also been heard on the system. Thus far, all local and county law enforcement seem to be on encrypted talkgroups. Identified talkgroups are listed below (so far, all of Glynn County’s talkgroups have been in the 13### range).

13312 – Glynn County Public Works 1
13313 – Glynn County Public Works 2
13314 – Glynn County Public Works 3
13315 – Glynn County Public Works 4
13320 – Glynn County FD 1
13324 – Glynn County FD 2
13334 – Brunswick FD 1
13383 – Glynn County Animal Control

Naturally, the law enforcement agencies going encrypted is going to upset some radio hobbyists, but it is what it is. You can look for more agencies, particularly law enforcement agencies, to go encrypted in the future. I’m not going to debate the pros and cons of encryption (and I won’t be entertaining one in the comments section either). Losing the ability to hear the police isn’t the end of the hobby… There’s plenty left not encrypted and there to be listened to. If you’re interested in what’s not encrypted in Glynn County and the surrounding area, you’ll now need a digital scanner. Most of these run in the high $400 to low $500 range new. For the novice or casual listener, I’d suggest the Uniden Home Patrol. For those wanting to get a bit deeper into the hobby, the Uniden BCD436HP handheld and BCD536HP base/mobile would be a good choice. Whistler is now selling some GRE-based digital scanners which would also be excellent choices.

In a few weeks, I’ll bring the BCD396XT and a computer with ID Tracker III on it down to do some computer searching. That should hopefully ID some more talkgroups and put a start on IDing some Glynn County UIDs.

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  1. Mac. Is Bulloch County no longer on SEGARRN? I heard they are having budget issues regarding some required upgrades but I thought they were still online.

    • Bulloch does have sites for the system, but they aren’t using it like the other counties are. From what I’ve heard from sources in Bulloch, they switched over briefly but went back to the Bulloch TRS. I don’t know if it was for coverage issues or what, though. I don’t get the opportunity to monitor Bulloch very often, so I have to depend on reports from others.

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