New SEGARRN Talkgroups for Chatham and Effingham Counties

Savannah – When I arrived back in Savannah this morning and checked ID Tracker III, I found some new talkgroups for both Chatham and Effingham counties. I leave ID Tracker III running at home in Savannah while I’m in Brunswick for just that reason.  The first two new talkgroups are new fireground talkgroups for Savannah Fire and Emergency Services. I’ve been expecting to hear more fireground talkgroups since Savannah Fire began riding first responder on crashes with injuries in Savannah. They now have at least seven fireground channels, up from their previous five. The third new talkgroup is from Effingham county, they have a talkgroup set aside for aviation activity on which ID Tracker III caught communications between LifeStar and Effingham Fire/Rescue units during a scene flight.

  • TG 2363 – Savannah Fire and Emergency Services Fireground 6
  • TG 2365 – Savannah Fire and Emergency Services Fireground 7
  • TG 1123 – Effingham County “51 Aviation”

What an interesting week it’s been with new talkgroups found in Chatham, Effingham, and Glynn counties!

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