Field Day 2016 – Operating the Mobile Station in Brunswick

Brunswick – As usual, I worked Field Day weekend, but I set aside some time on Sunday morning after work to fire up the mobile station and get in a few 1C contacts. As I’ve been doing lately, I augmented the FT-857D, Z11 Pro II, and HVT-400B with a tablet with Ham Log for logging and the setup worked quite well. I made 15 contacts on 40 Meters and 20 Meters with a roughly even split between the two, 7 on 40 Meters and 8 on 20 Meters. I’d seen reports of bad band conditions on Saturday on Twitter, so I was worried about Sunday morning but it turned out band conditions on Sunday were fairly decent. The contacts mostly from the 1 and 8 call areas, with a few 2s, 3s, and 5s. They were from eleven different states: AR, CT, MA, ME, MI, NH, OH, PA, RI, NY, and RI. I was hoping to hear some of the local and southeast clubs and put them in the log but no such luck – 40 Meters didn’t seem to be short enough for that at the time. One of these days I will get WA4USN at the USS Yorktown in the log, I never seem to be able to catch them during Museum Ships weekend or Field Day weekend!

The mobile station in use for Field Day; for logging I used the Ham Log app on my Android tablet.
The mobile station in use for Field Day; for logging I used the Ham Log app on my Android tablet (yeah – I know the 40M show USB, I went back in and corrected them!).

It isn’t Field Day without a storm and this year I wasn’t disappointed… right after I shut down, a good-sized thunderstorm passed through the Brunswick area. Even if I hadn’t already made the decision to hang the mic up for the morning I would have been forced to anyway.

I was disappointed, however, in what I heard from the Net Control Station of the 0800 local South CARS net on 7.251. He opened the net with some statements about the net and Field Day which, while they may certainly have had foundation, could have been delivered far better. He decided to stress that the net was not a Field Day net and would not be giving out Field Day exchanges, but he did it in a bellicose and degrading fashion. Now I’m sure that the South CARS net probably has that issue every year, but the NCS should handle it with tact. For a net that whenever I’ve checked into it seems to pride itself on its friendliness, I doubt that it was way that want to be represented. Additionally, Field Day is a day when there are going to be new operators and visitors listening in. If a new operator or visitor thinking about getting licensed heard that rant, they’d probably think twice about our hobby. Nets, Field Day ops, and contesters can all coexist with a little bit of cooperation and courteousness.

Altogether, I thoroughly enjoyed my morning on the radio. Whether I have the opportunity to work from a club Field Day operation or my mobile station, I never hear a lot of C-class (mobile) stations on the air for Field Day so I always enjoy giving out a few 1C contacts.

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