Fort Stewart and Hunter AAF Changes on the Department of Defense TRS

Savannah – Over the last few days, I’ve noticed some changes in the talkgroups being used by Fort Stewart and Hunter AAF Fire Departments and EMS on the Department of Defense TRS (formerly the Fort Stewart/HAAF TRS). They seem to have moved off of the previous talkgroups to some new ones although the radio UIDs seem to be the same. I haven’t fully figured them out and I have some recordings to sort through that will hopefully help with that, but here is what I’ve heard so far:

TG 371 – Fort Stewart FD new?
-Fort Stewart Central clg Fort Stewart FD units for radio checks, no answers, then showed up on TG 1095

TG 373 – Fort Stewart/Hunter AAF EMS new?

TG 1095 – Fort Stewart/Hunter AAF FD new?
-Fort Stewart FD units being called for radio checks
-Fort Stewart Central wkg HAAF FD units for radio checks; central multicast on TG 219 (old HAAF FD), but all answers on TG 1095

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