VMFT-401 at MCAS Beaufort

Savannah – F-5s from VMFT-401 have been operating out of MCAS Beaufort for at least the last week or so. I haven’t had a lot of radio time, but it seems the “Snipers” mostly supporting VMFAT-501 F-35B training. On this visit, they’re utilizing VMFA(AW)-533’s frequencies while the “Hawks” are deployed:

310.200 VMFT-401 Base (Normally VFMA-533 Base)
289.275 VMFT-401 Tac (Normally VFMA-533 Tac 1)
299.300 VMFT-401 Tac (Normally VMFA-533 Tac 2)
348.825 VFMT-401 Tac (Normally VMFA-533 Tac 3)

Most of the activity has been on 376.900 (F-35Bs – SWEDE) and 349.800 (F-5s – SNIPER) in W-137 off of the Georgia coast after the aircraft check in with SEALORD on 284.500 or 313.700. Over the weekend, they also worked with some other squadrons from MCAS Beaufort in what was fairly heavy activity for a weekend, but more about that in another, upcoming post.

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