Fort Stewart and Hunter AAF Fire/EMS Dispatch

Savannah – A few weeks ago, I posted about the Fort Stewart and Hunter AAF Fire Department and EMS talkgroups changing. Since then I think I’ve finally figured out what they’re doing (although not why). None of the previous Fire/EMS talkgroups seem to be in use and they’re now not only using a new set of talkgroups but also dispatching differently than they had on the old talkgroups.

Fort Stewart/Hunter AAF Fire and EMS Talkgroups

  • 1095 – Fort Stewart/Hunter AAF FD & EMS Dispatch
  • 371 – Fort Stewart FD
  • 373 – Fort Stewart/Hunter AAF EMS
  • 1147 – Hunter AAF FD
  • 1097 – “Ops 1”
  • 1103 – “Ops 4”

The talkgroup structure as seen above is apparently a dispatch channel, a channel for each department and a set of Ops channels. The department channels only seem to be used by dispatch; I’ve yet to hear any mobile/portable traffic from FD or EMS units on them. Between listening and looking at Unitrunker logs, it looks like Fort Stewart FD, Hunter AAF FD, and Fort Stewart/Hunter AAF EMS each have a talkgroup, but that talkgroup seems to be only used during tone-out of a call. During morning radio checks, Fort Stewart Central will come across and announce the time to radio and tone checks for Fort Stewart FD on TG 371, but the radio checks are done over TG 1095 (and likewise with EMS and Hunter AAF FD with their respective talkgroups). It seems that when dispatching calls, they patch the Dispatch talkgroup to the appropriate department talkgroup: for example, when dispatching Fort Stewart FD, it looks like they patch TG 1095 and TG 371 together. After the dispatch, traffic is on TG 1095 or is shifted to an Ops talkgroup. As for the Ops talkgroups, I’ve heard TG 1097 referred to as “Ops 1” and TG 1103 referred to as “Ops 4.”  I haven’t heard them yet, but I’m guessing that 1099 and 1101 are “Ops 2” and “Ops 3” respectively.

If you’ve heard anything different or have any ideas on what they’re doing or why, please comment or let me know.

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