Museum of Aviation at Robins AFB Trip Monitoring Report; 30 December 2016

SavannahYesterday I posted about the trip my nephew I took to the Museum of Aviation at Robins AFB.; this post is a monitoring report about what I was able to hear on the trip from Savannah to Warner Robins and back. Since I had a passenger on this trip, I didn’t do a lot of listening (I didn’t do any amateur radio on this trip either for the same reason); I mostly put the Home Patrol 2 in the mobile station in record mode and let it do most of the work.  While at the museum, I also put my BCD436HP in record mode on the Houston Peach Regional Radio System, the Central Georgia Regional Radio System, and the Robins AFB TRS.

During my last visit to Robins and the museum in October 2015, I discovered that the base’s trunked radio system and been changed from a Motorola Type II system to a Motorola P25 system. On that visit, I wasn’t able to identify much in the way of talkgroups except for ALC talkgroups because of how busy they are. On this trip, I locked out what I had previously identified as ALC talkgroups and was better able to make some IDs on airfield Base Ops and the control tower as well as one for the base Crash/Fire department (and of course a few more ALC talkgroups). In the post from October 2015 I link to above, a radio hobbyist from the central Georgia area passes on in the comments section that encryption has recently been noted on the system as well.

It’s the end of the year holiday, so there weren’t a lot of military aircraft in the air and there wasn’t a lot to listen to in the way of military communications (unless you enjoy listening to the ALC at Robins AFB, they were busy as usual). That said, we did hear some F-16s in Bulldog MOA but we never caught their callsign and F-35Bs from VMFAT-501 were heard working in Townsend Range (in McIntosh County) from all the way in Dublin (Laurens County).

Public Safety wise, it wasn’t altogether unproductive. The Home Patrol 2 caught morning radio checks and some transmissions from three different AirEvac helicopter bases: Dublin, Statesboro, and Vidalia. During the morning trip up, there wasn’t a lot of traffic on the roads and not a lot of fire/rescue traffic on the airwaves, but once we got up to Warner Robins, the traffic began to pick up and the crashes did as well. We heard the fire departments around the Warner Robins area working a number of crashes, including several on I-75 (thankfully we were using GA 96, GA 358, and I-16!). On the way back to Savannah two smoke plumes were visible, one in Georgia Forestry’s District 11 area and one in the District 10 area; both of those district repeaters were active with related traffic.

As far as civilian aviation goes, the only Atlanta Center frequencies I scanned were the low-level sectors around Warner Robins and Macon; that close to Atlanta, the higher level sector frequencies would have been non-stop with commercial traffic coming and going to Atlanta.

Jax Center
124.675 – Jekyll Low
126.125 – Statesboro High
126.750 – Brunswick Low
127.575 – Waycross Low
132.425 – Hunter Ultra High
132.925 – Millen/Savannah Low
133.300 – Moultrie Ultra High
135.975 – Alma High
282.200 – Jekyll Low
363.200 – Millen/Savannah Low

Atlanta Center
123.950 – Macon Low
128.100 – Augusta Low
322.325 – Augusta Low

228.400 – Townsend Range
343.750 – Bulldog MOA

MCAS Beaufort
253.100 – VMFA-122 Base
354.325 – VMFA-122 Tac 2
299.275 – VMFAT-501 Base
315.300 – VMFAT-501 Tac 1
319.500 – VMFAT-501 Tac 2

Robins AFB
124.200 – Atlanta Tracon
124.800 – Atlanta Tracon
279.600 – Atlanta Tracon

Robins AFB TRS
TG 56072 – Robins AFB ALC
TG 56080 – Robins AFB ALC
TG 56092 – Robins AFB ALC
TG 56121 – Robins AFB Base Ops
TG 56122 – Robins AFB Tower
TG 56123 – Robins AFB Crash/Fire
TG 56192 – unknown
TG 56193 – unknown

Bulloch TRS
TG 2224 – Statesboro FD Dispatch
TG 2704 – Bulloch County FD Fireground 1
TG 2736 – Bulloch County FD Fireground 2

Houston-Peach TRS
TG 16 – Houston County FD Dispatch
TG 17 – Houston County FD Fireground 1
TG 61 – Warner Robins FD Dispatch
TG 91 – Centerville FD Dispatch
TG 121 – Perry FD Dispatch

Laurens County
154.070 (PL 186.2) – Laurens County FD Dispatch

TG 132 – Macon Bibb FD Dispatch 1
TG 134 – Macon Bibb FD Scene 2
TG 136 – Macon Bibb FD Scene 4

151.730 (DCS 115) – AirEvac 91, Vidalia
151.910 (DCS 072) – AirEvac 95, Statesboro
151.850 (DCS 047) – AirEvac 102, Dublin

Georgia Forestry Commission
159.225 (PL 100.0) – District 10 Repeater
159.240 (PL 167.9) – District 11 Repeater

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