Another Option for a BCD436HP Radio Holster

I’ve been looking for a radio holster for my Uniden BCD436HP handheld scanner ever since I bought it. I’ve tried several generic radio holsters by various manufacturers but I haven’t been happy with them. Some of the BCD436HP specific ones I’ve seen online just don’t look like they’re worth the price being asked for them so I didn’t bother ordering them. Recently, however, I came across a new option:  AR-15 magazine pouches.

AR-15 Magazine Pouch as BCD436HP radio holster

AR-15 Magazine Pouch as BCD436HP radio holster

As it turns out, the width and depth of a BCD436HP is very similar to that of an AR-15 magazine so the radio fits in many AR Magazine pouches. Almost every area has a gun shop or uniform store that carries these magazine pouches and they’re usually not as expensive as a dedicated radio holster. The one that I’m using is a 5.11 AR Magazine  holder (around $24.95 in stores, $19.99 online) that uses MOLLE attachments. The MOLLE straps easily work as a belt loop and the way the 5.11’s work, it holds the radio higher on the hip which makes wearing the radio easier when sitting down. If you use a MOLLE pack or gear bag, you also have the added benefit of being able to attach your radio to your bag if need be.

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