Change in VMFAT-501 Frequencies and MDTC Continues

Savannah – Today is the first day in a little over a week that I’ve been able to play radio and one of the first things I noticed is that VMFAT-501 at MCAS Beaufort has changed frequencies. They’ve been using 315.300, 319.500, and 285.000 as air-to-air frequencies as 299.275 as their Base frequency. After not hearing anything while SWEDE flights were en route to and working at Townsend Range this morning, I put a radio in search mode and found a flight on 326.700. Throughout the rest of the morning, I found SWEDE flights 348.125 and 349.225. Subsequent SWEDE flights used these same three air-to-air frequencies throughout the rest of the afternoon.  I haven’t determined designators for these new air-to-air frequencies yet nor have I been able to ascertain if their Base frequency has changed, but I havne’t heard anything on 299.275 so far today.

The MAG-31 MDTC continues this week, with LATCH and SALEM as the MAG-31 F/A-18s and SNIPER flights as opposition forces along with EAGLE flights of F-15s from the 142nd FW, Oregon ANG.  The 142nd FW is working out of Savannah IAP and their presence could indicate a Sentry Savannah exercise will begin soon as a Sentry Savannah usually takes place around the end of January/beginning of February and the 142nd FW has been a previous participant. The 142nd FW has been using 252.300 at the Savannah CRTC/Air Dominance Center for REDHAWK Ops and 226.750 for air-to-air.

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