Savannah Chatham Metropolitan PD Encryption

Savannah – In answer to a lot of questions I’ve been getting lately, the Savannah Chatham Municipal PD (SCMPD) has gone encrypted with their communications on the SEGARRN system. Based on recent monitoring, their Primary Dispatch, Car-to-Car, Records, and Tac channels are all encrypted. It sounds like any interoperability channels are still unencrypted. Fire and EMS channels for Savannah, other municipalities, and Southside are still unencrypted.

SCMPD joins Brunswick PD, Glynn County PD (partially encrypted), and what I believe to be the Savannah Chatham County Public Schools school buses as encrypted users of the SEGARRN system. The various Fire Departments and EMS services remain unencrypted with the exception of some of the EMS to Hospital talkgroups, so there is still activity to listen to.

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  1. Yes we were in Savannah on Sunday and can verify this. We had to skip all the PD dispatch out of our scan list due to the garbled transmission…….. Fire, EMS and GSP were still unencrypted.

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