Photos from the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge; 21 March 2017

Tuesday was the second day of Spring and I thought the beginning of a new season might be a good time to visit the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge. It was a warm beautiful day and the signs of spring were all about with trees beginning to bud or leaf out, fresh green grass poking up through the dead brown, and flowers in bloom. Wildlife was certainly taking advantage of the warm sun; we counted 35 Alligators, many of them young, but we also saw more large ones than on recent visits. With the warmer weather, the big Alligators are starting to feel more energetic and are out and about. The refuge is draining some of the pools now that the migratory waterfowl are almost gone and it’s created a smorgasboard for some of the regulars. Herons, Egrets, and Ibis are feeding on the fish being left by the receding water as are raptors and vultures. We saw two adult Bald Eagles and a number of immature Bald Eagles feeding but they were far too far away to take photos.

Juvenile Alligators and large Turtles sharing the early Spring sunshine at the Savannah NWR

Juvenile Alligator sunning at the Savannah NWR

One juvenile Alligator high and dry and another partially in the water at the Savannah NWR

Wilson’s Snipe feeding at the Savannah NWR

Female Anhinga at the Savannah NWR

Turtle sunning on a log at the Savannah NWR

A big Alligator enjoying the early Spring sunshine at the Savannah NWR

Alligator sunning on a log at the Savannah NWR

Red Winged Blackbird at the Savannah NWR

The same Red Winged Blackbird, this time in full song

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