Photos from the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge; 5/6 March 2017

Spring might be near, but there’s still some overcast and chill in the air every now and then to remind you that it’s still Winter. Egrets and Herons are congregating in some pools that the Refuge is already draining with Migratory Waterfowl season winding down. It’s fun to watch the Great Egrets and Snowy Egrets get animated with one another, but neither seem to give the Great Blue Herons any grief; it’s pretty clear what the pecking order of the wading bird species is! There still aren’t very many big Alligators out and about, but that will change soon (although there are plenty of smaller and juvenile ones to see).

Although most of the Migratory Waterfowl have left the area, American Coots are still hanging around in large numbers
Getting the eye from an American Coot
Killdeer foraging around the water’s edge at the Savannah NWR
Great Blue Herons and Great Egrets congregating to feed as water levels drop in some of the Savannah NWR’s pools
A gaggle of Turtles at the Savannah NWR
It’s been a good year for Pied Billed Grebe’s at the Savannah, they definitely haven’t been an uncommon sight in Winter 2016/2017
There aren’t a lot of larger Alligators out and about yet, but there are a few
Juvenile Alligator perched on pushed over dead grass
Killdeer are also being seen in plentiful numbers skittering around the water’s edges
This Snowy Egret seemed to be trying to get above the feeding frenzy taking place in the water below
Huge crowds of Egrets and Herons have been feeding in the ponds that are being drained at the Savannah NWR
Great Blue Heron at the Savannah NWR; at a distance it begins to blend in with its surroundings
Alligator coming out of the grass to see what’s going on

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