2017 Wings Over the Golden Isles Airshow (Brunswick, GA) Frequencies

Update 26 March 2017:  118.650 is indeed “Tower” for the airshow.

Brunswick, GA – Due to my work schedule, I’m not able to attend or do any attended listening of this weekend’s Wings Over the Golden Isles Airshow at the Brunswick-Golden Isles Airport (KBQK), but I did set up a radio to do some computer logging/recording yesterday. It logged what seems to be the Air Boss frequency along with frequencies for the Blue Angels, the F-22 Demo Team, and the Sky Soldiers Demo Team. Additionally, it recorded several references to 118.650 as “the tower frequency.” KBQK doesn’t have a control tower, so it’s possible that a portable tower has been set up for the air show and it’s using 118.650. I’ll put it in the scan list today and try to confirm it.

123.150 – Air Boss

237.800 – Blue Angels Solos
284.250 – Blue Angels Show Box
275.350 – Blue Angels Squadron Common; Diamond

376.025 – F-22 Demo Team

234.500 – Sky Soldiers
123.025 – Sky Soldiers

I also checked Mode-S logs and found several aircraft that should be static displays or performers for the airshow.  It looks like C-17A, 92-3293 from the 437th/315th Airlift Wing at Charleston AFB, C-130H3, 94-6705 of the 165th Airlift Wing in Savannah, and P-3C, 161121 from VP-62 and NAS Jacksonville are static displays. It’s possible that a Georgia Army National Guard UH-72A, 12-72231 is a static display as well, but given the last altitude my receiver saw it, I’m not fully sure it landed at KBQK. One of the AeroShell Aerobatic Team AT-6Gs showed up on Mode-S as well.

AE07D7 – C-17A, 92-3293, 437th/315th AW (TURTLE8)
AE1FF6 – UH-72A, 12-72231, GA ARNG?
AE14D1 – P-3C, 161121, VP-62
AABCD7 – AT-6G, N791MH, AeroShell Aerobtic Team
ADFDEA – C-130H3, 94-6705, 165th AW (DAWG75)

I’ll be recording today as well and will update this list for the Sunday show if any new frequencies show up in today’s logs. If you have the chance to attend, don’t hesitate to go and have a good time; we don’t get the Blue Angels this close to Savannah or Brunswick very often, we usually have to go to one of military bases like Jacksonville, Moody, Robins, or Beaufort.

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