West Mims Fire in the Okefenokee NWR

Brunswick – Yesterday morning I went down to Folkston to see if I could hear any communications from the West Mims Fire in the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge along the Georgia/Florida line. The fire is currently 36,050 acres and 4% contained with 435 personnel assigned (as of 23 April 2017). They’re not expecting any substantial rain to help conditions until June and they don’t expect containment until November. Both federal and state forestry units are involved in fighting the fire; activity was heard on:

167.125 (PL 156.7) – Okefenokee NWR
170.525 (PL 192.8) – Osceola National Forest Admin (Thanks to Jeff, KM4RML for the ID!)

159.465 (DCS 054) – Georgia Forestry District 12 Repeater

I wasn’t close enough to hear any simplex activity from fire and due to the time of the morning the aviation assets probably weren’t up yet. Based on what I’ve seen online, there are both fixed wing tankers and helicopters working the fire. You can follow the fire via several sources:

  1. Inicweb
  2. RSS
  3. Twitter
  4. Facebook

I’ll post updates if I can find any more frequencies or monitoring information.  In the meantime, if you’re in the area, you can try the frequencies in this post from the 2011 fires. If any of my readers hears anything to add to the list, please let me know and I’ll add it to future posts.

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  1. None of the frequencies listed in the post and replies above are amateur radio frequencies. 159.4650 is Georgia state government Forestry Commission repeater and and 167.125 and 170.525 are US government USFWS and Forest Service repeaters.

    I’m not sure how well you’ll be able to do from that area with a handheld, but you might want to try these repeaters:

    145.270- (PL 141.3) – Waycross
    146.650- (PL 141.3) – Waycross
    147.255+ (PL 141.3) – Waycross
    444.025+ (PL 141.3) – Waycross

    147.000- Callahan – (PL 127.3 for the Repeater, PL 118.0 for the Kingsland polling receiver)

    147.195 (PL 118.8) – Kingsland
    444.200 (PL 127.3) – Kingsland

  2. Any frequency updates for the fire? 159.465 is still active and alternates are being mentioned but numbers are unknown. I’m sure they are simplex and a search of local forestry turned up nothing. I live close enough to be able to hear the simplex if i had something to go by. Any updates or a hint of where to find a frequency database other than radioreference.com would be much appreciated.

    • I’ve not had a chance to get back down to the area to do any listening since this post. For Georgia Forestry, I would try 159.255 and 159.390. Another one to try is 159.285, which is the Southeast Compact frequency. Fire Mutual Aid frequencies like 154.280, 151.205, 151..2275, 151.355, 151.400, 151.280, and 151.4825 would be others to check. Two more repeater frequencies for the Okefenokee are 164.575 and 164.625. A good search of the Federal VHF band might turn up some activity, too. The aviation assets are probably working somewhere in the VHF airband.

      • Are those repeaters private or Fire related? I’ll be working inside the area shortly and taking my handheld to listen/make contacts. I don’t see those repeaters on RepeaterBook.

  3. Many Thanks! That fits perfectly with what I was hearing – the unit was referencing SR 2.

  4. 170.525 (192.8) is Osceola NF Fire Admin. 171.500 (CSQ) is Osceola NF Fire. It used to have a PL of 192.8, but it’s not showing anything now

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