MCAS Beaufort TRS Deactivated, MCAS Beaufort and MCRD Parris Island Now Covered by the US Marine Corps TRS

Beaufort, SC – The MCAS Beaufort TRS that provided communications for both MCAS Beaufort and MCRD Parris Island is no more. While I was in Beaufort today, I discovered that the radio system is no longer active and that the frequencies it used have been moved over to two sites that are part of the US Marine Corps TRS, a P25 Type II system (SysID 00A). As a result, all of the old site and talkgroup data for the old system are no longer any good. The system is not within the range of my home station and I don’t get up to Beaufort very often, so I have no idea when the transition took place. Based on today’s listening, most of the communications on the system are encrypted, although there are some communications in the clear, mostly from MCRD Parris Island.

Site 031(31):
385.3500 (Control Channel)

Site 032(32):
386.1375 (Control Channel)


I’m not sure where the sites are physically located, but Site 032(32) seemed to be stronger around the eastern part of Beaufort County and is strong in the area of both MCAS Beaufort and MCRD Parris Island. Site 031(31) is stronger in the southern/western part of Beaufort County, I had a particularly good signal on it in the area of Lemon Island. Site 032(32) also seems to be the more active of the two, heard far more activity on it than I did on site 031(31).

As I mentioned, most of the communications seemed to be encrypted. Compared with the old system, it would appear that public safety and MCAS Beaufort flightline activity is now encrypted as I never heard any Base Police or Crash/Fire activity. As usual, MCRD Parris Island Fire/EMS was on the Palmetto P25 TRS that is also used by Beaufort County public safety. Range and training activity from MCRD Parris Island was heard in the clear.


TG 1517 – MCRD Parris Island Recruit Training
TG 2401 – encrypted
TG 3401 – encrypted
TG 4401 – encrypted
TG 7501 – MCRD Parris Island Range Control
TG 7511 – MCRD Parris Island Range
TG 7513 – MCRD Parris Island Range
TG 7517 – MCRD Parris Island Range
TG 7523
TG 9401 – encrypted
TG 9406 – encrypted
TG 9410 – encrypted
TG 9429 – encrypted
TG 9434 – encrypted
TG 10402 -encrypted
TG 11502

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