Field Day in Brunswick

Brunswick – I haven’t been to an amateur radio field day in years. While searching for something else on the web last week, I found out that the Glynn County amateur radio club, the Glynn Amateur Radio Association (GARA), had been reformed (GARA doesn’t have a website at this time, but there is a Facebook page for Glynn County ARES where information is shared) and that they were going to hold a field day operation in combination with the Camden County Amateur Radio Society (CCARS) at Blythe Island Regional Park.

After I got off from work on Sunday morning, I went over to the park and met some of the hams who were up and about early. They were operating 7A as K4J; when I got there, a 20 Meter phone station and 40 Meter digital station were active. They were using a nice variety of antennas – verticals and dipoles and power sources – generators, battery, and solar. After watching for a bit, 20 Meters started to open up, so I helped Darrell, KJ4PEO log a good run of QSOs to the northeast and midwest, with Texas and Oklahoma also starting to come in.


Darrell, KJ4PEO working the 20 Meter phone station at K4J, the Glynn Amateur Radio Association’s Field Day operation early Sunday morning


Over the course of the week and Sunday morning, I also picked up some information on the GARA net and meetings. They hold a club net on Thursdays at 1900 local on the 145.330- (PL 131.8) repeater with an ARES net that follows. They meet on the second Monday of the month at 1800 local at the Ole Times Buffet in Brunswick. Since I’m in Brunswick more often than Savannah, I look forward to taking the opportunity to check into the nets and try to make some meetings.

It was definitely a lot of fun to get back to a Field Day operation even if it was just for a couple of hours. I’d like to thank the guys from GARA and CCARS for making me feel comfortable and welcome. Even if all I did was logging stations instead of operating (I’d been on the radio for eight hours at work and really didn’t feel like getting on again!) it was still fun to hang out and talk radio, which is one of the aspects of Field Day I’ve always enjoyed the most.

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