Second Sentry Savannah Exercise of 2017 Underway

Savannah – It appears that the second Sentry Savannah exercise of 2017 is underway at the Air Dominance Center at Savannah IAP. Aircraft from the 43rd FS, 2nd FTS, and possibly VFA-83, using usual Sentry Savannah frequencies, were flying sorties from the Air Dominance Center on Monday in between the storms. A list of frequencies heard in use today are below; monitoring time may be short the rest of the week, but I’ll update the list as I can.


119.100/257.800 – Tower
120.400/353.775 – Savannah Approach/Departure
125.300/371.875 – Savannah Approach/Departure
118.400/307.225 – Savannah Approach/Departure

277.400/126.750 – Jax Center Brunswick Low
282.200/124.675 – Jax Center Jekyll Low
363.200/132.925 – Jax Center Allendale/Savannah Low

120.950/284.500 – Sealord North Primary
133.950/267.500 – Sealord South Primary

288.400 – Check-In
293.600 – NORAD Discrete; Blue Air
316.300 – NORAD Discrete; Red Air
265.400 – NORAD Discrete; Aerial Refueling

237.000 – CRTC CP; 43rd FS “HORNET Ops”
255.675 – 43rd FS Air-to-Air
256.750 – 43rd FS Air-to-Air
288.900 – 43rd FS Air-to-Air (18 Aux)
352.100 – 43rd FS Air-to-Air
320.600 – 2nd FTS Air-to-Air


RAPTOR (F-22A, 43rd FS)
SAVAGE (F-22A, 43rd FS)
STINGER (F-22A, 43rd FS)

TALON (T-38, 2nd FTS)

RAM (F/A-18C?, VFA-83?)

KEYS (KC-135R, 186th ARW)


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