Aircraft Changes at Hunter AAF and Coast Guard Air Station Savannah

Update, 24 July 2017:  Further monitoring has confirmed which aircraft are based at Air Station Savannah

Savannah – There have recently been a few changes to aircraft assigned to the 224th MI Battalion and Coast Guard Air Station Savannah at Hunter AAF in Savannah. In mid-June, a third MC-12 began flying with the 224th MI Bn: MC-12S-2, 09-00642. Earlier this month, there was a swap of US Coast Guard MH-65Ds at Coast Guard Air Station Savannah; based on Mode-S data and monitoring of radio communications, it appears that 6555 has been replaced by 6567 and that 6562 may have been replaced by 6531. I haven’t heard or seen 6562 since 9 July or 6531 since 11 July, so I haven’t been able to confirm that swap yet. Tail numbers and Mode-S codes for the aircraft are below. Stay tuned…

224th MI Bn Aircraft
MC-12S-2, 09-00642 (AE2F61)
MC-12S-2, 10-00742 (AE4C62)
MC-12S, 11-00268 (AE58B5)


CGAS Savannah Aircraft
MH-65D, 6516 (AE266A)
MH-65D, 6544 (AE509F)
MH-65D, 6550 (AE2688)
MH-65D, 6567 (AE2699)
MH-65D, 6531 (AE2679) or MH-65D, 6562 (AE2694)

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