Changes at Coast Guard Air Station Savannah

Savannah – As I wrote last week, Coast Guard Air Station Savannah swapped out some aircraft. At the time, I wasn’t sure of exactly which aircraft were swapped, but another week of monitoring has confirmed which ones are now based at the Air Station.

CGAS Savannah Aircraft
MH-65D, 6516 (AE266A)
MH-65D, 6531 (AE2679)
MH-65D, 6544 (AE509F)
MH-65D, 6550 (AE2688)
MH-65D, 6567 (AE2699)

6516 and 6550 have been at Air Station Savannah for awhile. 6544 is a more recent addition and also happens to have the white heritage paint scheme for 100 years of Coast Guard aviation. 6531 and 6567 are the two aircraft that just arrived this month.

While I’m on the subject of Air Station Savannah, I thought I’d mention that they’ve also recently changed how the helicopters are communicating with the Air Station. Since shortly after the Sector Charleston area began using the Rescue 21 radio system, Air Station Savannah began using CG 107 (150.300, P25 digital voice) as their Ops frequency. I’m not sure why, but over the last couple of months, they’ve gone back to using 345.000 (AM) as their Ops frequency.


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