Small Aircraft Crashes in Bryan County

Savannah – When you turn on the scanner and the first thing you hear is something along the lines of “we’ve got to find the plane first, but we’ll probably be coming back to Memorial,” you quickly get the impression that things aren’t good. That’s what happened when I got in the car this morning after breakfast and turned on the Home Patrol 2; it almost immediately stopped on 345.000 and that’s the partial transmission I heard. It seemed that there was an aircraft down somewhere in the area so I put the FT-8800 on 345.000 and 157.050 and let the Home Patrol scan. On the way home, I heard one of Chatham County’s MD-500s asking if an aircraft had been found and also heard Pooler FD units talking about looking for an airplane. When I got home, I started using multiple radios to track the activity and it quickly became apparent that an aircraft had crashed after losing its engine after takeoff from Savannah International Airport. Initially, they were looking for it in Pooler just to the west of the airport, but the search area shifted farther west to Effingham County and then Bryan County as further information came in. After several hours, the aircraft, a single engine Beechcraft Bonanza was located off of Eldora Rd in Bryan County. While I never heard it said, the nature of the traffic indicated all aboard were deceased and subsequent reports on the local news confirmed it. Since I don’t know that families have been notified, I’m not going to post the aircraft’s N-number. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of those that died in the crash.

The response was a multi-agency response consisting of fire departments from Chatham County, Bryan County, and Effingham County. Chatham County MD-500s and a US Coast Guard MH-65D took part. Georgia Forestry also responded to cut an access way into the wooded/swampy area where the aircraft crashed. Units are still on scene as I write this post and it sounds like they will be for some time. Among the SEGARRN talkgroups and conventional frequencies in use today were:

SEGARRN Talkgroups
TG 199 – Chatham Aviation
TG 223 – Chatham Fire Dispatch
TG 227 – Chatham Fire Tac 1
TG 239 – SSFD Dispatch
TG 249 – SSFD Division 5
TG 263 – SSFD Medic 4
TG 415 – ANG FD 1
TG 1075 – Effingham Fire/Rescue Admin 2
TG 1541 – Effingham Fire Dispatch
TG 1663 – Effingham Incident 4 (patched to Bryan Tac 1)
TG 5090 – North Bryan FD Dispatch
TG 5108 – Bryan County Tac 1
TG 1541 – Effingham Fire Dispatch

Conventional Frequencies
120.400 – Savannah TRACON
123.025 – Savannah Helicopter Advisory
125.300 – Savannah TRACON
159.225 – Georgia Forestry D10 Repeater (PL 100.0)
345.000 – Coast Guard Air Station Savannah
413.000 – CG 410 (encrypted)

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5 replies

  1. Thank you for the link. That is exactly what I wanted to know.

  2. Mac,

    Your report of this incident is excellent.

    I have a dumb question that I have been wondering about for some time.

    Are you able to listen in to the TG Talkgroups?

    Thanks, Chuck


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