July/August 2017 MH-65D Changes at Coast Guard Air Station Savannah

Savannah – It seems that Coast Guard Air Station Savannah at Hunter AAF has finished swapping out aircraft for the time being. Over the end of July and beginning of August, three of the five MH-65Ds were swapped out, resulting in the following lineup (including Mode-S codes):


MH-65D, 6516 (AE266A)
MH-65D, 6531 (AE2679)
MH-65D, 6544 (AE509F)
MH-65D, 6547 (AE2686)
MH-65D, 6567 (AE2699)


6516 and 6544 are the two aircraft that have been previously stationed at CGAS Savannah and 6531, 6547, and 6567 are the three new to the Air Station. 6516, 6531, 6547, and 6567 are in the usual orange and white paint and 6544 is the commemorative centennial white with red and blue paint.

6547 has deployed to Texas as part of the Coast Guard’s Hurricane Harvey response. It left last Friday and was followed yesterday by COAST GUARD 510KB (C510, N510KB, Aviation Research & Maintenance). 510KB was flying as a Coast Guard Auxiliary flight and was transporting extra crews from Air Station Savannah to Texas to assist in Hurricane Harvey response operations. 6567 flew yesterday searching for the aircraft that crashed in Bryan County after departing Savannah IAP.

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