Hurricane Maria Relief Flights Continue from the Savannah Air Dominance Center

Savannah – The Georgia Air Nationa Guard Air Dominance Center at Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport, which normally supports training for 4th and 5th generation fighters, continues to operate as a hub for transporting Hurricane Maria relief supplies to Puerto Rico and other US Caribbean territories. The operation at the Air Dominance Center continues to be mostly C-130Hs and C-130Js both bringing supplies into Savannah and transporting them out to Puerto Rico and other territories with flights arriving and departing 24/7. On their return trips from the Caribbean, they can often be heard bringing passengers back. Air National Guard personnel and aircraft from thirteen states have been taking part in the operation; so far I’ve heard aircraft from California, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, and West Virginia.  I’m sure there have been other states participating as well, but I haven’t had many chances to listen to the ops; these are only what I’ve heard coming in and out of the ADC over the last couple of weeks:

  • CASTLE – C-130H, 166th AW, Delaware ANG
  • DAWG – C-130H, 165th AW, Georgia ANG
  • DECOY – C-17A, 167th AW, West Virginia ANG
  • DERBY – C-130H, 123rd AW, Kentucky ANG
  • EPIC – C-130H, 145th AW, North Carolina ANG
  • JESSE – C-130H, 139th AW, Missouri ANG
  • MALIBU – C-130J, 146th AW, California ANG
  • RHODY – C-130J, 147th AW, Rhode Island ANG
  • ROPER – C-130H, 136th AW, Texas ANG
  • SKIER – C-130H, 109th AW, New York ANG
  • SKULL – C-130H, 179thth AW, Ohio ANG
  • TORCH – C-130H, 182nd AW, Illinois ANG
  • YANKEE – C-130H, 103rd AW, Connecticut ANG

Savannah and coastal Georgia area air traffic control frequencies along with normal Savannah Air Dominance Center frequencies continue to be the best places to catch the aircraft flying Hurricane Maria relief missions out of Savannah. The last frequency below is a P25 repeater used by the 165th AW, but it has been being used by MARIA Ops out of the ADC to coordinate logistics and maintenance for the aircraft flying out of the ADC. The VHF/UHF aviation frequencies are AM and can be heard using any radio that can pick up VHF or UHF airband in the AM mode.

  • 124.675 – Jacksonville Center Jekyll Low
  • 132.925 – Jacksonville Center Allendale/Savannah Low
  • 119.100 – Savannah-Hilton Head IAP Tower
  • 120.400 – Savannah Approach/Departure
  • 125.300 – Savannah Approach/Departure
  • 225.750 – 165th Airlift Wing Ops
  • 237.000 – Air Dominance Center Ops; “MARIA Ops” and “TEAL Ops”
  • 173.5625 – 165th Airlift Wing (NAC 302)

Based on what I’ve seen in the news, it looks like the Hurricane Maria relief ops will continue out of the Savannah Air Dominance Center through this month. I’m proud that my adopted hometown and state are providing such a service to Puerto Rico and the other Caribbean territories during their time of need.

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