Southside Fire/EMS Has Renamed to Chatham Emergency Services

Savannah – Over the last few days in Savannah, I’ve noticed that Southside Fire Department is no longer calling themselves Southside, they’re now calling themselves Chatham Fire. The reason for this is that they’ve changed their name to better reflect their coverage area. According to this report on the Landings website, the department name is now Chatham Emergency Services. Per the report, the name will change occur on the department’s apparatus, uniforms, logos, etc. over the next few months. The two divisions within Chatham Emergency Services will be Chatham Fire Department and Chatham EMS. Although the name change could make it sound like the department is a county government agency, it remains a private company that is a subscription based fire department and private EMS provider to Chatham County.

What does this mean for scanner listeners? Other than the name change, not a whole lot. You’ll just be hearing Chatham Fire and Chatham EMS on the radio instead of Southside Fire and Southside EMS. The talkgroups they’re using on the SEGARRN system and the uses/areas they’re assigned to remain the same:

  • SEGARRN Talkgroup 239 – Chatham Fire Dispatch
  • SEGARRN Talkgroup 241  – Chatham Fire Division 1
  • SEGARRN Talkgroup 243 – Chatham Fire Division 2
  • SEGARRN Talkgroup 245 – Chatham Fire Division 3
  • SEGARRN Talkgroup 247 – Chatham Fire Division 4
  • SEGARRN Talkgroup 249 – Chatham Fire Division 5
  • SEGARRN Talkgroup 251 – Chatham Fire Tac 1
  • SEGARRN Talkgroup 253 – Chatham Fire Tac 2
  • SEGARRN Talkgroup 255 – Chatham Fire Tac 3
  • SEGARRN Talkgroup 257 – Chatham EMS Medic 1
  • SEGARRN Talkgroup 259 – Chatham EMS Medic 2
  • SEGARRN Talkgroup 261 – Chatham EMS Medic 3
  • SEGARRN Talkgroup 263 – Chatham EMS Medic 4

Additionally, there shouldn’t be any confusion with Chatham Emergency Services dispatch calling themselves “Chatham Fire” or “Chatham EMS” because Chatham County 911 dispatch uses “Metro” instead of “Chatham.”

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