Jasper County, SC Moves to the Palmetto 25 TRS

Savannah – A few weeks back, I decided to turn on the South Carolina stuff in my mobile scanner while visiting the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge (I usually end up forgetting to turn the SC stuff on because the refuge is just across the river) and I didn’t hear any Jasper County activity. As a matter of fact, the radio wasn’t even locking on to any Palmetto 800 sites. When I had the chance, I took a look at RadioReference and found out that the area had transitioned to the Palmetto 25 system – the P25 digital system that Beaufort County has been on for some time. I programmed up both the Home Patrol 2 in the mobile station and the BCD436HP in preparation for the next time I went over. That next time was yesterday, and sure enough, everything was on the Palmetto 25 system (TG 20021, State Air-to-Ground). So… If you’re visiting the South Carolina Lowcountry and want to keep an ear on public safety communications while you’re there, you’ll now need to monitor the Palmetto 25 system, which is entirely digital.

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