Elements of Carrier Air Wing 7 at Savannah IAP

Savannah – Yesterday morning, aircraft from three of the US Navy’s Carrier Air Wing 7 (CVW-7), VFA-32, VFA-103, and VFA-105, arrived at Savannah International Airport supported by a C-40A that made several trips to and from the airport. CONVOY 4656 (C-40A, 166696, VR-58) was in and out of the airport several times during the day, apparently bringing in support personnel. CANYON ## (F/A-18E, VFA-105), GYPSY ## (F/A-18F, VFA-32), and VICTORY (F/A-18F, VFA-103) flights arrived throughout the day. Today, they were flying morning and afternoon/early evening sorties out to the W-137 Special Use Areas off of the Georgia coast. Air-to-Airs heard were:

  • 257.500 VFA-32 Tac
  • 263.450 VFA-32 Tac
  • 255.125 VFA-105 Tac

Additionally, VFA-103 seemed to be using 328.500, which is used by units visiting the Savannah Air Dominance Center for air-to-air use. They’re also using 237.000, the Air Dominance Center Ops frequency, for their Base frequency; following normal USN procedures, they’re mostly calling into Base using their side numbers: 1## for VFA-32, 2## for VFA-103, and 4## for VFA-105.

Another item worth mentioning from Tuesday was that COAST GUARD 2011 (HC-130J, 2011, USCG) was in the pattern at Savannah IAP for awhile. 2011 is a new HC-130J that is due for delivery in 2018. I’m assuming it was on a test flight out of Marietta as a spotter report stated that it was still in primer and not in the usual USCG colors.


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