New Helicopter for LifeStar 1?

Savannah – LifeStar 1, the Air Methods medevac helicopter that flies out of Springfield, GA in Effingham County near Savannah is currently using a different helicopter. They have been using a 1997 Bell 407 – N406UH since January of this year but they’re now using a 2013 Bell 407GX – N208AM. Based on data from my Mode-S receiver in Savannah, the switch occurred around 19 December; N406UH (Mode-S A4C4B5) stopped showing up after 18 December and N208AM (Mode-S A1AFC7) started showing up on 20 December. N208AM also sends ADS-B data so you can track it if you have a Mode-S/ADS-B receiver.


LIFESTAR 1 (Bell 407, N208AM, Air Methods) tracking on Mode-S/ADS-B after departing Memorial Hospital in Savannah on 24 December 2017


I’m not sure if N208AM is a new helicopter for LifeStar 1 yet or if they’re using it while N406UH is getting maintenance done; time will tell. I haven’t seen N208AM yet, so I don’t know how it’s painted and I couldn’t find a photo of it online either. If anyone gets an eye on it, please pass along a visual description!

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