The Jacksonville Zoo on a Rainy Day

Jacksonville, FL – I’m not going to pass judgment on the Jacksonville Zoo based on my visit this Tuesday. The weather was heavily overcast when I left the Museum of Science and History, but after I was in the zoo for awhile, it began to rain. Since it was misting/raining, some of the animals were hiding and trying to stay warm and dry. The ape exhibit is also closed for renovation. so that reduced some of what there was to see. They do have a variety of wildlife from Africa, Asia/Australia, and South America, as well as animals native to Florida. There are several restaurants inside the zoo and the one I ate lunch at had surprisingly decent prices (to be honest, I was expecting high food/drink prices). One of these days, I’ll get back down there on a brighter, warmer day where more of the animals will be out and conditions more conducive to photography.


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  1. Awesome pics Mac. have got to get off my butt and take a DSLR class. I;m just throwing Hail Marys now.

    • Probably half of these were taken with the camera on my Pixel; I had the 100-300 zoom lens on the DSLR and when things were closer I just used the phone instead of swapping lenses. The Pixel’s camera is great. After the zoo, almost all of my photos were taken with the phone because I just didn’t want to get the DSLR out in the wet weather.

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