177th Fighter Wing F-16s at the Savannah Air Dominance Center

3706903_300x300Savannah – Over the weekend, F-16Cs from the 177th Fighter Wing, New Jersey ANG arrived at the Air Dominance Center (ADC) at the Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport. In a pleasant surprise, I heard six of them arrive around lunchtime on Sunday as a flight of four and a flight of two. DECOY 47 (C-17A, 02-1107, 62nd AW) departed Savannah IAP on Sunday afternoon, so I’m wondering if it may have been supporting the F-16’s arrival. Spotter reports put nine 177th FW F-16s and a Vermont ANG F-16 at the ADC. Callsigns and frequencies heard so far are:


SATAN – F-16C, 177th FW
SPAWN – F-16C, 177th FW

138.450 – 177th FW Air-to-Air
140.200 – 177th FW Air-to-Air


SPAWN flight checked in on 237.000, the ADC CP/Ops frequency just before their arrival, but I didn’t catch the name of the Ops they checked in with. Usually, units spend two weeks here when they come for training, so hopefully, we can expect the 177th FW to hang around for a couple of weeks. A check of my logs and notes indicate that this is the first time, I’ve heard the 177th FW visit Savannah, so I’ll be looking forward to getting to listen to them while they’re here.


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