The Currahee Military Museum in Toccoa, GA

Toccoa, GA – While I was in northeast Georgia earlier this week, I took a side trip to the Currahee Military Museum. Located in Toccoa’s old train depot and operated by the Stephens County Historical Society, it’s actually two museums in one: the Currahee Military Museum, centered on the 501st, 506th, 511th, and 517th Parachute Infantry Regiments (PIRs) which trained at Camp Toccoa and Currahee Mountain and the Stephens County and the Stephens County History Museum, which covers the history of Stephens County, GA.




The Currahee Military Museum and Stephens County History Museum in Toccoa, GA


The Currahee Military Museum focuses on the 501st, 506th, 511th, and 517th PIRs which trained at Camp Toccoa in preparation deployment in World War II. If you’ve watched the HBO mini-series Band of Brothers, you’re probably familiar with Camp Toccoa and Currahee Mountain since they were featured in it. They have a nice collection of artifacts, documents, memorabilia, and photos related to the training activity at Camp Toccoa and the subsequent actions of the units that trained there. The centerpiece is a stable from Aldbourne, England that was converted into billets for the 506th PIR during World War II. When it was going to be demolished in the early 2000s, it was instead taken apart piece by piece, shipped to Toccoa, and rebuilt inside the museum. It has six stalls, five of which feature displays on Camp Toccoa and the units and one that shows what the converted stable’s living quarters looked like.



This stable was taken apart and moved from Aldbourne, England to Toccoa in the early 2000s…



During World War II, it was converted to billet 506th PIR soldiers…



Each converted stable stalls housed four soldiers…



The last stall in the stable shows what the soldier’s living quarters looked like



Among the items on display is this Japanese flag brought home by a 511th PIR soldier, it has the dates when he arrived in Tokyo Bay, left Japan, and arrived in San Diego



A Belgian flag that was taken by a soldier during the Battle of the Bulge



This Nazi flag was captured by members of the 506th PIR near the Berchtesgaden



US Army Jeep on display at the Currahee Military Museum


I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the Currahee Military Museum. It’s a small but well organized and well-presented museum that gives you insight into the training that went on at Camp Toccoa and the exploits of the units after they left Camp Toccoa with a helping of local history. Unless you’ve had a relative that trained there or have a specific interest in the units that trained there, I don’t know that I would make it the primary reason to visit the area, but if you’re going to be in the area I would definitely put it on my to-do list.

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