Update to 177th FW Activity at the Air Dominance Center in Savannah

Savannah – Last week, I posted that the 177th Fighter Wing, New Jersey ANG had arrived at the Air Dominance Center (ADC) at the Savannah-Hilton Head IAP and were flying training sorties out to the Special Use Airspace off of the Georgia Coast. They’re still in the area and this week they seem to have switched from using VHF Air-to-Air frequencies to UHF Air-to-Air frequencies. An updated list of what they’ve been using is below.

DEVIL 1# – (F-16C, 177th FW)
SPAWN 2# – (F-16C, 177th FW)
SATAN 3# – (F-16C, 177th FW)
SMASH 91 – (F-16C, 177th FW)

237.000 – ADC Ops
140.500 – ADC; 177th FW Air-to-Air
141.150 – ADC; 177th FW Air-to-Air
142.600 – ADC; 177th FW Air-to-Air
293.300 – ADC; 177th FW Air-to-Air
328.500 – ADC; 177th FW Air-to-Air
363.900 – ADC; 177th FW Air-to-Air

353.775 – Savannah Approach/Departure
282.200 – Jacksonville Center; Jekyll Low
284.500 – SEALORD North Primary
349.800 – W-137 Discrete
376.900 – W-137 Discrete
385.300 – W-137 Discrete

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