The Pisspot of the World

The book I’m currently reading at home is Colonial South Carolina: A History by Robert M Weir. I couldn’t help but chuckle when I came across this passage about what a recently arrived colonial official thought soon after arriving in the South Carolina Lowcountry:

“A newly arrived official, who eventually became fond of South Carolina, concluded during his first winter in Charles Town that “this country is certainly the pisspot of the world.”

As a resident of Savannah, just to the south of the South Carolina Lowcountry, I both appreciate and find humor in his observation. Winter rains, when we’re not experiencing drought, can make you think that and the oppressive humidity in the summer can certainly make one search for creative and appropriate insults for the weather!

After visiting Charles Towne Landing in Charleston, SC last month, I developed an interest in colonial South Carolina history and picked up a copy of Weir’s book. When I finish, I’ll post a review and let you know what I think.

Categories: History, South Carolina

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