Another Sentry Savannah Exercise Underway at the Savannah Air Dominance Center

Savannah – Last week, F-22As from the 192nd Fighter Wing, Virginia Air National Guard and T-38s from the 71st Fighter Training Squadron, both from Langley AFB, arrived at the Savannah Air Dominance Center at the Savannah – Hilton Head International Airport. Given the timing of their arrival, I’m not sure if they are considering this week 1 of the exercise or week 2, so they may depart late this week or remain for next week as well. I wasn’t able to hear very much of the activity last week, but this week I’ve heard participating aircraft checking in “for the Sentry Savannah airspace,” so it’s definitely a Sentry Savannah exercise. The other participants so far have been F-15Cs from the 125th, Florida Air National Guard at Jacksonville, and two KC-135s; one from the 141st Air Refueling Wing, Washington Air National Guard at Fairchild AFB and one from the 190th Air Refueling Wing, Kansas Air National Guard at Forbes ANGB. For those familiar with previous iterations of Sentry Savannah, they’re using frequencies which have been fairly regular through the last few years.


119.100/257.800 – Savannah IAP Tower
124.975/279.575 – Hunter AAF Tower
126.200/285.425 – Hunter AAF Base Ops
120.400/353.775 – Savannah Approach/Departure
125.300/371.875 – Savannah Approach/Departure
118.400/307.225 – Savannah Approach/Departure

282.200/124.675 – Jax Center Jekyll Low
363.200/132.925 – Jax Center Allendale/Savannah Low

120.950/284.500 – Sealord North Primary
133.950/267.500 – Sealord South Primary

288.400 – NORAD Discrete; Check-In
293.600 – NORAD Discrete; Intercepts
316.300 – NORAD Discrete; Intercepts
274.400 – Aerial Refueling
278.000 – Aerial Refueling

237.000 – ADC Ops; 192nd FW “RAPTOR Ops,” 71st FTS “IRON Ops”
233.525 – 192nd FW Air-to-Air
257.075 – 192nd FW Air-to-Air
262.025 – 192nd FW Air-to-Air
296.900 – 192nd FW Air-to-Air
235.900 – 71st FTS Air-to-Air
320.600 – 71st FTS Air-to-Air, Fight Common

251.250 – 125th FW Ops
234.800 – 125th FW Aux 5
253.700 – 125th FW Aux 6
314.200 – 125th FW Aux 7



BASH (F-22A, 192nd FW)
DEMON (F-22A, 192nd FW)
RECAP (F-22A, 192nd FW)
SATAN (F-22A, 192nd FW)

MIG (T-38, 71st FTS)
VODKA (T-38, 71st FTS)
VOODOO (T-38, 71st FTS)

MARLIN (F-22A or T-38)

FANG (F-15C, 125th FW)
GATOR (F-15C, 125th FW)

EXPO 81 (KC-135T, 58-0086, 141st ARW)
WYLIE 61 (KC-135R, 62-3572, 190th AW)

DOGHOUSE (325th FW Schoolhouse)

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