Boeing 747 Large Cargo Freighter Flights To and From Charleston

Savannah – Maybe I’ve just been around the radios at the last over the last month or so, but I’ve been hearing the Boeing 747 LCFs (Large Cargo Freighter) operated by Atlas Air carrying sections Boeing 787s to the North Charleston assembly facility. These flights are easily heard from Savannah and be tracked on any of the flight tracking apps (see the screenshots below); listen out for GIANT 4### callsigns. Usually coming from or going to Everett Field in Washington or Nagoya, Japan, you can hear the flights check in as they approach Charleston or check out as they depart Charleston with Boeing Ops on 123.325. As far as air traffic control goes, 127.875 is usually a good Jacksonville Center frequency to catch them on and they usually use 120.700 with Charleston Approach/Departure. Yesterday and this morning, GIANT 4536 (B747 LCF, N249BA, Atlas Air) arrived from Everett Field and GIANT 4316 (B747 LCF, N747BC, Atlas Air) departed for Anchorage.


There are only four LCFs in existence and so far I’ve heard three of the four: N249BA, N708BA, and N747BC. Only N718BA remains to be caught!

You can also hear 787 Dreamliner test flights out of Charleston from Savannah. Using BOEING ### callsigns (abbreviated BOE on flight tracker apps and on Mode-S/ADS-B), you can hear them on 123.325 with Boeing Ops as well. For air traffic control, you can hear them on 132.925, 126.125, 132.425, 134.375, and 127.875 with Jacksonville Center and 120.700 with Charleston Approach/Departure. If you hear a BOEING ## callsign on those air traffic control frequencies, you’re probably hearing a C-17 returning to Charleston AFB from depot level maintenance.

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