The 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade is Back in the Savannah Skies After Returning From Deployment

Savannah – A few extra days in Savannah than normal this past week gave me the opportunity to catch the aircraft of the 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade at Hunter AAF flying after their recent return from deployment. For the last year, the skies over Savannah have been bereft of the Brigade’s UH-60s, CH-47s, and AH-64s so it’s been nice to see and hear them back overhead.

So far, I’ve heard UH-60Ls and an HH-60M from 2-3 AVN and AH-64s from 3-17 CAV that were assigned to those units prior to their deployment. Those familiar aircraft have been:

  • ARMY 26812 (UH-60L, 98-26812, A/2-3 AVN)
  • ARMY 26841 (UH-60L, 99-26841, A/2-3 AVN)
  • ARMY 20615 (HH-60M, 13-20615, C/2-3 AVN)
  • ARMY 75518 (AH-64D, 07-05518, 3-17 CAV)
  • ARMY 77045 (AH-64D, 07-07045, 3-17 Cav)
  • ARMY 77046 (AH-64D, 07-07046, 3-17 CAV)
  • ARMY 87048 (AH-64D, 08-07048, 3-17 CAV)
  • ARMY 95592 (AH-64D, 09-05592, 3-17 CAV)
  • ARMY 95593 (AH-64D, 09-05593, 3-17 CAV)
  • ARMY 95602 (AH-64D, 09-05602, 3-17 CAV)

I have not heard any familiar aircraft from B/2-3 AVN or 4-3 AVN since the Brigade returned. I have, however, heard some CH-47Fs and UH-60Ms previously not associated with either unit that could be replacement aircraft. Their crews have seemed familiar with Hunter AAF and the Fort Stewart airspace, so I don’t think they’re from a visiting unit; I think the CH-47Fs are replacement aircraft for B/2-3 AVN and the UH-60Ms are replacement aircraft for 4-3 AVN but until something is heard or seen to confirm it, those are just guesses for now.

  • ARMY 08454 (CH-47F, 14-08454, B/2-3 AVN?)
  • ARMY 08455 (CH-47F, 14-08455, B/2-3 AVN?)
  • ARMY 08460 (CH-47F, 14-08460, B/2-3 AVN?)
  • ARMY 20360 (UH-60M, ??-20360, 4-3 AVN?)
  • ARMY 20362 (UH-60M, ??-20362, 4-3 AVN?)
  • ARMY 20387 (UH-60M, ??-20387, 4-3 AVN?)
  • ARMY 20416 (UH-60M, ??-20416, 4-3 AVN?)

Over a period of time, monitoring should suss things out. As it does, I’ll post some more updates. As always if you happen to hear or come across anything, feel free to submit it in the comments and I’ll add it to the list.


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